Please excuse my inactivity :(

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    Hello there.

    So, the thing is that I have my final exams this month and I always like to stop using social media, YouTube, etc, as long as my exams are in progress. It seems a bit excessive, but not allowing myself to use them during my exams even when I'm free helps me not get distracted later when I'm studying too. (Because I have a tendency to get distracted a lot while I study) Basically, I just remove social media, etc, altogether from my daily routine. It's a thing I'm used to, so therefore I will disappear from Discord and Twitter. (but might check strictly ONLY DMs on one specific day of the week) I'll be completely free after the 28th of this month.

    I will still be moderating this forum because, as an admin, I'm responsible for doing so, but I won't be replying to threads, etc. (Except moderation threads/messages)

    I know the forum is still in its early days, and the reason why I was kinda inactive a couple of weeks before too (e.g. I wanted to read Granditamias' fanfic and listen to AnUnexpectedFan's audio special and reply to their threads) was also because I was busy with the final days of high school. This is my last year in high school (considering "high school" ends at 12th grade)

    I had also other ideas/plans in mind to help the forum grow but I wasn't able to carry them out due to the same reason. But the presence of you guys does help the forum gain some activity and I appreciate all of you guys who are currently a part of the forum in its early days.


    — Optimistic Alvin.

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    Good luck with exams buddy. And don't worry, you still have your fellow members of Forum Staff Team here so it won't be without supervision.

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