Respect for other members and staff
We don't want to see any argumentative actions in this forum, however, if you have any issues regarding a particular member, please contact a staff member to look into the situation. We want to keep the environment calm and a friendly place. If you do feel irritated for various reasons, we recommend taking a break from the forum just to cool off.
Offensive posts or hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. Repercussions for making any comment that can be seen as hateful and offensive will be strongly enforced by staff members. Posting comments containing any kind of offensive or hateful material will lead to a warning (first offense), a temporary ban (second offense), and ultimately a permanent ban from our community (third offense).

No excessive foul language
Foul language used excessively is forbidden to be used here. Sure, many people swear once in a while, but be sure to keep everything 14+. Keep away from fiery arguments and unnecessary drama. Actions will be taken if you do.

Please do not post links to pirated material
This includes torrents and illegal sites which contain pirated material. Laws against pirated material can vary in countries. We would like to respect the work of its owners. If you need to share something with someone we would recommend doing that outside the forum, privately.

Do not steal people's work
People work hard on their artwork, videos, etc, and it would be very disappointing to see people steal their work to claim it as their own. You wouldn't like it if someone stole your work.

Don't post things and call it 'official'
Please consult a staff member before doing so.

Signature size
The size of your signature musn't exceed 550 x 480 pixels, images and texts included.