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    So since we have fanon here, I though we could share our own unique ideas for AATC. To be more accurate, ideas for episodes (any version of AATC). Feel free to fantasize, but keep your ideas at the appropriate level: lemons, hard swearing and violence won't be tolerated.

    Is there a human character from any form of AATC media who you think is underrated?

    I chose Digbee from the 80s series episode Wings Over Siesta Grande. It’s one of my favorite episodes from that series and I think Digbee has a lot of potential if he were brought back now or in a future series.

    In fact, I put his treasure hunting experience to use in my fanfic series.

    No idea, but probably Officer Dangus from 2015 series.

    Good luck with exams buddy. And don't worry, you still have your fellow members of Forum Staff Team here so it won't be without supervision.

    This is more of an idea at the moment so I don’t wanna promise this will actually happen, but I have been wanting to make an AATC fangame based on the Alvinnn series. So far I gave it the working title “Super Tamian Adventure” and I initially wanted it to be a 8-bit platformer like Super Mario. I even made sprites of all 6 chipmunks, with Alvin having a much more complete moveset including jumping, sliding, balancing, and idle poses. I also made a form of in-game currency with an animated shine to it.

    But since I recently got blender, I thought about making low poly models similar to an N64 game since I like that aesthetic and it would be easier to render. So I might end up changing the game to be a 3D collectathon like Banjo-Kazooie. However, due to my inexperience with modeling, that could be a ways off if it ever happens at all.

    Seems like this could be good game. I like how you designed the characters in pixelated way. It looks awesome. To the inexperience, yeah that might take really long time to adjust to the 3D modelling. But still good luck, hopefully the game will come out someday in the future.

    Hey Avid, great to see you here

    That looks kinda creepy, not gonna lie ?

    you can just use my profile picture as the favicon.

    Whatever that is.

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    I don't think we will use your profile pic, because this favicon should be something unique. Like the one Optimistic just released.

    I guess it could be enough for now. We will come with better ideas for sure anyway.

    Yeah. AATC is my childhood. I didn't even know there was a fandom until I was about 9 or 10 years old. Then I joined the fandom at like 12. lol It's like ever since yesterday my mom, me, and one of my childhood best friends went to go and see the first movie in 2007 of the live-action films. Good times. :3

    Then hopefully you will enjoy this forum. It surely needs such a passionate fans like you to grow ^^

    Hello. I am Theodore and I joined AATC fandom back in November. To be more accurate, I joined AATC Discord server, so maybe some of you will know me from there lol.

    What about my AATC experience? Well, I have seen all CGI movies and recently (last year) I started watching CGI series. I haven't seen 80s series yet, but I have it in plans too.

    Aaaand, that's all about me for now. Now it's your time people to introduce yourself. Aloha.