Kelly Time munk island 1.0.0


Ok here is another invitation to join our munk chats on Instagram. When you ask to join, we will ask you 4 questions to gain citizenship on the first island that you will arrive at which is Kelly Island. Once you're done with questions, you can then pack your bags, and start looking forward to the journey across the seas to Kelly Time munk island. There you will be given your vary own house, and have a custom map of the island where your character resides, and their favorite places to go on the island. Once your munk character, or chipette, or munk OC, has leveled up above 10, then they are given the ability to travel to different islands close by to Kelly, and will even be given the opportunity to move from Kelly to a nother island! These role plays are serious, and have real storylines. We will role play as if we were playing an online video game with other players. Interact with different munk cultures, the land munks, the Sea munks, Sky munks, Kokiua munks, and many more! We'd love to have you in our role play series, and see what adventures you pursue with your munk. Your munk will or can even have a career. Making swords, sailing the reefs of different islands to catch food, or be a warrior protecting the island you live at, from invaders. Or be whatever you're inner munk most desires? but watch out, as the islands seem beautiful they can be deadly. As there's a various number of creatures that will attack and possibly kill you if you don't carry a sword or a defense weapon with you while roaming the forest part of any island.

I've given my Instagram account, so please without hesitation, please message me if you want a one way ticket you have the opportunity to live out your life as an original Alvin and the chipmunks character, or your OC. on Instagram @Paper Tigers